The Crystal Tower

"A Neverwinter Nights Adventure"

The Story

Chapter 1 : The Crystal Tower (Download Now)
The adventurers find themselves passing through the quiet village of Wirktus. But upon speaking to some of the villagers, things are not all as they seem. A mysterious Crystal Tower has appeared in the hills surrounding the village, and soldiers from that Tower have descended upon the village and stolen their precious Artifact.

Will the adventurers attempt to infiltrate the Tower and retrieve the treasure for the helpless villagers? Who lives there and where did it come from?
Find out, if you dare to enter the Crystal Tower.

Chapter 2 : The Minotaur Maze (Download Now)
After penetrating the defenses of the Crystal Tower, the adventurers successfully retrieved the Sacred Chalice and returned it to the Villagers of Wirktus. However, it has become apparent that something far more sinister and dangerous lies behind the appearance of the Tower and the theft of the Chalice. All signs point to Greydale, a small city to the east of Wirktus. The adventurers depart Wirktus as heroes and begin their journey towards Greydale.

Along the way, they come upon an area that has recently been buzzing with activity. It seems as if a dangerous labyrinth, known as the Minotaur Maze, has been attracting a lot of interest lately. Rumor has it that within the Maze lies a powerful Artifact of some sort. Various groups have been trying to solve the Maze and claim the Artifact.
Perhaps these groups might know something about the theft of the Sacred Chalice? What exactly lies at the end of the Maze? What do these groups want with it?

The Minotaur Maze consists of a wide variety of riddles and puzzles for characters to solve in order to progress deeper into the maze. It will take more than a big axe or powerful spells to conquer this challenge. So bring your wits, put on your thinking cap, and dare to face the challanges that await you in The Minotaur Maze.

Stuck on a riddle? You can now find the answers on the SPOILERS page!

Chapter 3 : Greydale
Coming Soon!
Chapter 4 : The Final Episode - name kept quiet for now to save some surprise ;)
Coming Not So Soon!

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