The Crystal Tower

"A Neverwinter Nights Adventure"


WARNING! Spoilers below!

This section includes some spoilers for people who may be stuck in the Crystal Tower modules. Read at your own risk!

You have been warned. :P

Chapter 1 : The Crystal Tower (Download Now)
The most peaceful way to retrieve the Chalice is to trap the Prince inside the Soul Trapping Mirror, and use that as a bargaining chip with the King.
The Sage on the second floor of the Tower has this mirror and the password to activate it.
You can convince him to give it to you with a successful persuade check or by giving him the rare BDF book that the Princess gives you if you bring her some wine.

Chapter 2 : The Minotaur Maze (Download Now)
Okay, the main thing people ask about in this module is answers to the various riddles. First, let me explain how you answer them... These riddles are not the kind where you can choose an answer from a typical dialogue tree. You actually have to come up with the answers yourself! In order to answer, your character must actually "speak" the answer aloud. This is done through the chat interface, using either Shout or Talk. For those of you who haven't tried Multiplayer yet, the chat interface is simple: Hit the "ENTER" key, type what you want to say, and hit the "ENTER" key again.

Now, as for the actual answers. Please note, which riddles get asked when is completely random, and it's possible you can complete the whole module without seeing some of these, as there are more riddles in the Magic Riddle Randomizer(tm) than are actually used in the game.

I tried to set this up so that if you only want to find out one answer without ruining other riddles that might come up later in the module, you can. If someone has a better suggestion on how to implement this, let me know. ;)


Chapter 3 : Greydale
Coming Soon!
Chapter 4 : The Final Episode - name kept quiet for now to save some surprise ;)
Coming Not So Soon!

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